About us

We are Elmer (left) and Marius (right). We are both fathers of two boys. The idea for the changeable bunk bed came about because of the lack of space in Elmer's apartment in Amsterdam. Marius lived in the Jordaan and was expecting his second child and was faced with the same challenge. The Cozy Cott was born out of a lack of space and has grown into a beautifully designed space saver.  

Our Vision

Functionality or beautiful design of furniture and products does not have to be a choice. We believe that these two can be intertwined and even reinforce each other. The Cozy Cott is a good example of this.

Our Mission

We want to create furniture and products where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. In this way, parents can not only enjoy a beautiful design, but it will also help them with the everyday challenges that parenthood entails.

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